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State budget cuts clog criminal justice system

Prosecutors are forced to ignore misdemeanor violations to pursue more serious crimes. Judges are delaying trials to cope with layoffs and strained staffing levels. And in some cases, those charged with violent crimes, even murder, are set free because caseloads are too heavy to ensure they receive a speedy trial.

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House GOP to spike rules in jobs agenda

The House Republican agenda this fall will focus on repealing environmental and labor regulations that GOP lawmakers say are driving up the cost of doing business and discouraging employers from hiring new workers.

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Parties sort through recall election aftermath

By Scott Bauer Associated Press Madison — A stand by Wisconsin Republicans against a massive effort to oust them from power could reverberate across the country as the battle over union rights and the conservative revolution heads toward the 2012 presidential race. Democrats succeeded in taking two Wisconsin state Senate seats away from Republican incumbents on Tuesday but fell one ...

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Job growth elsewhere gives context to Wisconsin figures

Milwaukee (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker was correct this week when he said Wisconsin's net gain of 9,500 jobs last month represented more than half the jobs added across the entire nation in that period. However, numbers from other states provide a clearer context.

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New graduate will work … for now

When Beth Odian takes her oath as an attorney today, she does so knowing she has a job. The new Marquette Law School graduate wasn’t alone in her job security, but neither was it guaranteed, considering that about half of her 173 classmates sworn in at the state Capitol started their legal careers unemployed. But despite landing a clerk position ...

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Attorneys predict willingness in Capitol to soften state’s mining requirements

Companies are considering mineral mining in Wisconsin for the first time in a decade, but it might take a change in state law to jump-start operations. Aquila Resources Inc., a Canadian mining company, recently applied to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for exploratory drilling rights for gold in Marathon County, said Philip Fauble, the DNR’s Mining & Beneficial Reuse ...

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