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Assembly passes drunken driving penalties

Wisconsin legislators completed their push to get tougher on drunken drivers, passing a bill early Wednesday morning that would create harsher sentences for repeat offenders through the Assembly and on to Gov. Scott Walker.

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Agencies: OWI mandatory minimum has big price tag

A proposal to create a mandatory minimum prison sentence for homicide by intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle would put a heavy financial burden on the state, according to reports filed by three state agencies Wednesday.

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The statehouse: A place paved with the best intentions?

Until 5:05 p.m. Wednesday night, state Rep. Gary Hebl thought there would be an amendment to a bill requiring the installation of devices that prevent someone convicted more than once of drunken driving from starting a car after having a drink.

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Police risk lawsuit for enforcing laws

Dean Collins, Brookfield’s assistant chief of police, will not enforce a number of state statutes. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he said, but legally, he can’t.

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Dems push for data on drunken driving bills

Democrats challenged a pair of Republican lawmakers Thursday to prove measures for tougher drunken driving penalties would actually make a difference, demanding to see statistics and data that would justify the bills' costs.

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Wis. lawmakers try again on drunken driving laws

Two Republican legislators are gearing up for another try at toughening the notoriously weak drunken driving laws in Wisconsin, where pounding booze is hard-wired into the culture - and drunken driving kills scores every year.

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