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BENCH BLOG: Client behavior: Enough to draw a tier

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently reaffirmed its two-tiered framework for loss of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. It overruled another case requiring a finding of intentionality and once again declined to mandate warnings to a defendant before forfeiture.

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Justices honor Crooks, no word on replacement

Justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court held a moment of silence Tuesday to honor their colleague Patrick Crooks a day after his sudden death, while Gov. Scott Walker remained silent on whether he would appoint a replacement ahead of next spring's judicial elections.

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Deal reached to kill campaign funding limits

The state of Wisconsin agreed Thursday to stop enforcing a cap on how much people can donate in total to candidates running for office, ending a federal lawsuit and bringing state law in line with a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

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BLAWG LOG: Boyden on employers’ requests for Facebook logins

I see that noted cybercrime expert Orin Kerr, a law professor at George Washington University, was on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this morning, and his comments in the first few minutes of this recording basically sum up what I had to say on potential employers requesting social networking login information in job interviews: it’s unclear, but such activity may be prohibited by federal law.

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29 judges sign Walker recall petition

More than two dozen Wisconsin judges from 16 counties were among the tens of thousands of people who signed petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker, according to a newspaper analysis.

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