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Bridge for no one a costly mistake

Good bridges make good neighbors. We’re blessed with some great bridges here in Wisconsin. The bridge that connects downtown Milwaukee to Walker’s Point (that’s the historic Fifth Ward to you younger attorneys) is a masterpiece.

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09-1892 Bodum USA, Inc., v. La Cafetiere, Inc.

Civil Procedure Foreign law; expert testimony Expert testimony about the meaning of foreign law is unnecessary when the foreign law at issue is France’s. “Sometimes federal courts must interpret foreign statutes or decisions that have not been translated into English ...

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09-1883 Flying J., Inc., v. Van Hollen

Antitrust Minimum-markup laws Wisconsin’s minimum-markup law does not violate the Sherman Act. “It may well be that gasoline retailers are getting together with each other and agreeing on how to estimate their costs or what final price to charge, or ...

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09-1347 Chapin v. Fort-Rohr Motors, Inc.

Employment Retaliation; constructive discharge Although a supervisor threatened to fire an employee if he didn’t withdraw an EEOC charge, the employee was not constructively discharged where the employer repeatedly assured him he was not terminated, even though he didn’t withdraw ...

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09-1102 & 09-1112 Badger Catholic, Inc., v. Walsh

Constitutional Law Freedom of speech; university student funds The University of Wisconsin violated students’ free speech rights by refusing to fund student organizations that engaged in prayer, proselytizing, or religious instruction. “We deferred action on this appeal while the Supreme ...

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