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2008AP2929 Day v. Allstate Indemnity Co.

Insurance Homeowners policies; family exclusion Where a family exclusion in a homeowners policy ambiguously defines “benefit,” the exclusion does not preclude coverage. “We conclude that Allstate has failed to meet its burden to demonstrate that a benefit of coverage would accrue directly or indirectly to an insured. To the extent that the terms of the policy lack clarity, the ambiguity ...

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2009AP2768 Hirschhorn v. Auto-Owners Ins. Co.

Insurance Homeowners policies; pollution exclusion Bat guano is not a pollutant under a homeowner’s policy’s pollution exclusion clause. “The policy definitions of ‘pollutant’ and ‘waste’ are further informed by the policy’s exclusionary clause itself, which omits coverage for the ‘discharge, release, escape, seepage, migration or dispersal of pollutants.’ None of those terms particularly suggest the movement of excrement. Rather, the ...

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