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Editorial: Nonpartisan redistricting still needed in Wisconsin

Back in 1953, East German poet Bertolt Brecht wrote “Die Lösung,” a poem satirizing the government’s response to an uprising earlier that year. In it, he noted government leaflets said the people had forfeited the government’s confidence and must work to win it back.

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Iowa system still the best way to have fair maps

The nation’s high court isn’t going to rescue Wisconsin or any other states from gerrymandered voting districts. Citizens are going to have to mend this themselves. And a renewed push to approve Assembly Bill 303 starts now. Call or write your representative and senator and tell them to get behind this fair process for drawing legislative and congressional districts following ...

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Redistricting cases press on, even after high court ruling

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday rejecting partisan gerrymandering claims in North Carolina and Maryland will effectively end similar federal lawsuits in several states. But it isn't likely to stop other cases challenging congressional or state legislative districts on different grounds or in different venues.

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