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Ex-Dahmer attorney faces another suspension

An attorney known for defending the convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer again faces suspension of his law license over charges that include failing to produce bank-account records to investigators and failing to submit fee disputes to arbitration.

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Rules of the game change in defending sports stars

The suggestion that Aaron Hernandez will be treated the same as any other defendant charged with murder strains credulity, say lawyers who have represented sports figures accused of crimes like the one that landed the New England Patriots pro-bowler behind bars in June.

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Attorney faces 4th complaint in three years

An embattled Milwaukee criminal defense attorney is facing her fourth complaint in three years from the Office of Lawyer Regulation for allegedly mishandling cases involving five clients in the past several years.

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20 years later, Dahmer’s lawyer says he told all secrets

MILWAUKEE (AP) — It’s been 20 years since police arrested Milwaukee’s most notorious serial killer. The world found out on July 23, 1991, that Jeffery Dahmer had been arrested. The chocolate factory worker admitted to killing 16 young men and boys in Milwaukee and one in Ohio, some of whom he mutilated and cannibalized. He was sentenced to life in ...

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