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2008AP2527 In re the marriage of: Yang v. Yang

Family Waste Kachi Yang appeals the order supplementing the trial court’s judgment of divorce granted earlier to Kachi and her former husband, Dao Yang. Kachi argues the trial court erred in determining that Dao did not commit waste when he sold a half interest in twenty acres of farmland for $50,000 or when he withdrew $171,000 over the course of ...

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2010AP661 In re the marriage of: Hust v. Schrank

Family Physical placement Michael L. Schrank has appealed from an order denying his motion for modification of physical placement pertaining to his daughters, Nina and Anna. He also challenges the portion of the trial court’s order requiring him to pay guardian ad litem and expert fees related to this post-divorce litigation. We affirm the trial court’s order. This opinion will ...

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