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Social media need for ad revenues spurs new offerings for companies

If you’re a Facebook junkie, if you have a black belt in tweeting or if you are the mayor of your favorite coffee shop on Foursquare, you might not like the news from a leading technology consultant: More advertising is coming to all your favorite social media platforms, including mobile devices, and it will be showing up in places you haven’t seen it before.

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LEGAL CENTS: Making the case for a firm Facebook page

I’m addicted to Facebook. Considering how many lawyers and judges I’ve friended — who typically have already posted a new status for the day, every day — I don’t think I’m alone in my habit of going to Facebook first, then starting work.

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Lawyers reticent to share opinions, advice on Facebook

Litigator Jacob Curtis stopped short of the ethical line during a Facebook conversation with a friend who wanted legal advice. The friend said she was entitled to unpaid wages from her employer, and gave a detailed account of her situation, said Curtis, with Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren SC in Milwaukee. His friend, he said, wanted to ... Subscribe Login Digital ...

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Business review sites get thumbs up, down

While you may have opted to create profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn, chances are your name, law firm or both are listed in one or more online directories where people can post reviews, and you had no say in the matter.

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Antisocial networking can backfire

An ongoing legal battle over whether a woman was improperly fired for criticizing her employer on Facebook will shed light on just what the boundaries of online communications are.

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