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06-C-0715 EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, Inc.

Employment Hostile work environment; injunctions Where an employer restaurant was guilty of sexual harassment, it is appropriate that injunctive relief be issued covering all restaurants owned by the employer. “Defendants argue that injunctive relief cannot extend to the other IHOPs ...

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09-C-1192 Milwaukee Police Association v. Board of Fire & Police Commissioners of the City of Milwaukee

Employment Public employment; due process A probationary police officer in Milwaukee has no due process right to a hearing before termination. “The term ‘member of the police force’ has no specific statutory definition. Ramskugler argues that she was a ‘member ...

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2010AP465 Grall v. State of Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission, et al.

Employment Unemployment compensation Kristin B. Grall, pro se, appeals from an order of the circuit court, which affirmed the decision of the Labor and Industry Review Commission. Grall primarily contends that she should have been allowed to adjourn her unemployment ...

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07-2052 Lewis v. City of Chicago

Employment Disparate impact Where a city hired firefighters on numerous occasions from randomly selected applicants from the “well-qualified” pool, each round of hiring creates the same disparate impact. “If the City had hired in rank order, as many civil-service employers ...

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09-3143 Miller v. IDOT

Employment ADA; fear of heights A bridgeworker who is perceived to be afraid of heights is protected under the ADA. “After the March 23, 2006 panic attack above the Mississippi River, Miller was formally diagnosed with acrophobia. IDOT immediately precluded ...

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