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Justices considering questionable search

In a case now before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the state hopes the justices will find some reason to keep pornographic images on a computer file admissible after a questionable Fourth Amendment search.

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Supreme Court rules in drunken driving case

By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the sixth drunken driving conviction of man who no one actually saw driving a vehicle or even sitting behind the wheel. The 2007 conviction of Greg Kandutsch was based solely on circumstantial evidence generated from a computer report that came from an electronic ...

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Recusal issue may return after Tuesday’s election

Defense attorneys may renew their campaign to recuse Justice Michael Gableman from criminal cases should attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg defeat Incumbent Justice David Prosser in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election. With Prosser on the court, the six state Supreme Court justices outside Gableman deadlocked on a previous motion regarding whether the court has power to consider motions for Gableman to recuse ...

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