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US Attorney to speak at Marquette University

MILWAUKEE (AP) – The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin will be at Marquette University this week. James Santelle is expected to discuss his office’s work, priorities and his career during the Tuesday appearance in Eckstein Hall. President Barack Obama appointed him to as U.S. Attorney and he started in January 2010. He’s worked for the Justice Department ...

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Joseph juggles many responsibilities as magistrate judge

As a United States magistrate judge, Nancy Joseph has many duties: bail hearings; evidentiary hearings; arraignments; initial appearances; reviewing warrant applications and issuing warrants; mediating civil cases; and when the parties in civil cases consent, handling the entire case the same as an Article III judge would.

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Bankruptcies soar to near 2005 levels

Bankruptcy filings soared in 2010 to their highest levels since 2005, the year the pending Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act prompted record filings in order to beat the Act’s effective date.

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09-2310, U.S. v. Fife, Eastern District of Wisconsin, Stadtmueller, J., Rovner, J.

Sentencing ACCA; prior convictions The trial court erred when it held that a defendant’s prior convictions did not satisfy the requirements of the ACCA, because the knowledge and intent elements of the armed violence conviction at issue presented a serious risk of potential injury to others, notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s ruling in Begay v. U.S. Conduct that “presents a serious ...

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