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Apr 29, 2016

Chief justice thanks bar for e-filing support

The state’s chief justice on Friday thanked Wisconsin’s lawyers for their support for implementing mandatory e-filing across the state.

Mar 17, 2016

E-filing gets official green light, but not without bumps (UPDATE)

Mandatory e-filing in circuit courts will be the law of the land in Wisconsin starting July 1, but making it officially so proved to be a monumental task for the state’s highest court on Thursday.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election
Mar 11, 2016

High court to give final blessing on mandatory e-filing

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is poised to give the official green light for mandatory e-filing to begin rolling out this summer.

Feb 23, 2016

High court gives preliminary OK to mandatory e-filing

Officials from Wisconsin's trial courts encouraged the state Supreme Court on Tuesday to green light mandatory e-filing throughout the state.

Dec 28, 2015

Indiana courts push ahead with shift to e-filing

Indiana's top courts are pushing ahead with adopting an electronic-filing system that state officials say will eventually give the public free access to online court records statewide.

Nov 18, 2015

Justices strike down rules changes, approve appellate record e-filing

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has taken a step toward clearing some items off its to-do list.

Nov 11, 2015

Chief justice: Mandatory e-filing on the way

Mandatory e-filing will be coming soon to Wisconsin's court system, says Chief Justice Pat Roggensack.

Nov 3, 2015

Setback for e-filing of records on appeal

A petition to allow the electronic transmission of records on appeal will likely take effect later than expected.

Oct 13, 2015

Justices consider proposal to allow electronic transmission of records on appeal

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is considering amending the rules of appellate procedure to allow state trial courts to electronically store and transfer the record of cases on appeal, if they choose to do so.

Sep 28, 2015

Board of Governors supports e-filing petition, tribal court transfers

The State Bar’s Board of Governors has voted to oppose a petition that would eliminate a rule that lets the circuit courts transfer cases to the tribal system.

Apr 28, 2015

Chief judge, Walker counsel duel over block grant

Gov. Walker’s proposed Supreme Court block grant will give the court system flexibility in spending for the coming biennium, however some are concerned that the block grant still leaves the court system struggling to make ends meet.

Feb 13, 2015

Chief Judges Committee looking for alternatives to pay for e-filing

Although Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget rejected the state Supreme Court’s request for the money to implement mandatory e-filing, the proposal is moving forward.


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