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Legal minds eye quality control for convictions

Hospitals have staff conferences to examine why patients died. Airline pilots have a system for voluntarily submitting information on safety concerns. Yet the life-and-death world of criminal justice often operates without a similar mechanism for probing its most feared failures: wrongful convictions.

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Editorial: Making up for lost time

When justly convicted Wisconsin inmates are released, they walk out of prison armed with a written plan for re-entering society and the phone number of at least one state employee who will guide them through the transition.

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Van Hollen unhappy with budget language (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said Monday he can't support provisions his fellow Republicans added to the state budget that would delay transmitting arrestees' DNA to the state crime labs and allow bounty hunters to operate in the state.

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Bites derided as unreliable in court

At least 24 men convicted or charged with murder or rape based on bite marks on the flesh of victims have been exonerated since 2000, many after spending more than a decade in prison. Now a judge's ruling later this month in New York could help end the practice for good.

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Supreme Court nixes human gene patents

In a decision that seemed designed to carve out a middle ground in the legal battle over whether companies can hold exclusive rights in the use of biological material, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that isolated human genes are not patentable, but synthetically created genetic material may be patented.

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DNA collection proposal modified again

Days after the U.S. Supreme Court decided it is constitutional to take DNA samples from people arrested for serious crimes, state lawmakers made further changes to a proposal that would make such collections legal in Wisconsin.

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