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Late filing accepted as timely in jerky dispute

A $5 million punitive damage award has been effectively reinstated in a dispute between the shareholders of Link Snacks Inc., which makes beef jerky and other meat products. The jury actually imposed reciprocal $5 million punitive damage awards against the ...

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10-2343 U.S. v. Snodgrass

Sentencing Discretion Where the judge gave a thorough written explanation for the sentence, the sentence is affirmed, even though the oral remarks at the sentencing hearing were inadequate. “We caution, however, that name-calling is not a substitute for reasoned analysis. ...

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2010AP189-CR State v. Hines

Sentencing Discretion Greg Tyrone Hines appeals from a judgment of conviction, entered upon his guilty plea, on one count of first-degree sexual assault of a child. Hines also appeals from an order denying his motion for resentencing. Hines contends the ...

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2010AP669-CR State v. Murphy

Sentencing Discretion Anthony Murphy, a/k/a Andrew Morris, appeals pro se from an order that denied his motion for resentencing. He claims that his twenty-year sentence for aggravated battery while armed with a dangerous weapon is excessive because it exceeds the ...

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2009AP2910-CR State v. Thomas

Sentencing Discretion Theus H. Thomas appeals from the judgment of conviction entered against him and the order denying his motion for postconviction relief. Thomas argues that the circuit court did not properly exercise its sentencing discretion when it sentenced him. ...

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