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10-2757 In re Davis

Bankruptcy Discharge; fraud A judgment pursuant to a state’s home improvement act can be discharged in bankruptcy. “At bottom, this case involves a miscommunication, not fraud. Reeves and Davis had different understandings of what was included in the contract. The ...

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09-12461-7 In re Rieck

Bankruptcy Discharge; fraud Summary judgment on a debt’s nondischargeability for fraud is inappropriate where the debtor is a contractor, and there is a factual dispute whether he was negligent or committed an intentional theft. “In essence, there is a dispute ...

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08-16947-7 In re Casper

Bankruptcy Discharge; exceptions; misrepresentation Where both the debtor and the creditor were engaged in a property flipping scheme, the creditor’s reliance on the debtor’s misrepresentations was not reasonable, and the debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. “It is also true ...

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