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7th Circuit uses ‘wholistic’ reading of statutes to define scope of alternative fuel tax credit

After a "wholistic" reading of the statutory text about an alternative fuel tax credit, the Seventh Circuit has ruled that a Wisconsin-based fuel producer may not receive tax refunds for its gasoline-butane fuel mixture. The court released its decision in U.S. Venture, Inc. v. United States of America on Tuesday. The lawsuit was over the scope of a statutory ... Subscribe Login Digital ...

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Sharply divided appeals court explains ID ruling (UPDATE)

A sharply divided federal appeals court issued dueling opinions Tuesday on Wisconsin's voter identification law, shedding light on the arguments of judges who pushed for and against allowing the requirement to take effect for the Nov. 4 election.

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Court: Campaign finance laws went too far (UPDATE)

A federal appeals court on Wednesday declared major portions of Wisconsin's campaign finance law unconstitutional in a decision that experts said would have little immediate effect but would make it clear that the rules must be rewritten.

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