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BRIEFS FOR THE BRIEF WRITER: When in doubt, appeal

It sounds so simple: If a judgment or order “disposes of the entire matter in litigation as to one or more of the parties” and is properly entered or recorded (Sec. 808.03(1), Stats.), it is “final,” and the appeal time starts ticking.

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BRIEFS FOR THE BRIEF WRITER: Know your local rules, or else

I once was charged with opposing a summary judgment motion in a multi-claim, multi-issue case. The movant’s brief, close to 35 pages, was accompanied by a motion to allow the filing of an overly long brief (to which we did not object). I prepared and filed my brief, which fell within the county’s local rules (but not by much).

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BRIEFS FOR THE BRIEF WRITER: Effective motions in limine

I was having a nice conversation with another attorney the other day when we began talking about environmental law.Your years-old case is finally coming to trial. You've got documents to review, witnesses to prep, exhibits to mark, and opening arguments to prepare. The hours grow longer, as the days before trial grow shorter.

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