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Redistricting isn’t going away

Few legislative causes have drawn as much interest and as little momentum as redistricting, the drawing of new voter boundaries after each 10-year census.

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Senate approves school mascots bill (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Republicans moved closer Tuesday to making it harder to force public schools to drop American Indian nicknames, pushing a bill that would raise the bar for complaints through the state Senate and on to Gov. Scott Walker.

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Justices by appointment only?

The state Supreme Court election process is not perfect, Justice Patience Roggensack said, but it’s not worth abandoning as a result of recent bickering amongst the court.

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State to rent law office for $950,000

A state lawmaker said he was concerned Wisconsin wasn’t getting the best possible deal on a new lease for the State Public Defender’s office in Racine. The state has agreed to pay $950,000 over 10 years for a 5,298-square-foot office that will house 24 staff members. The office is in a strip plaza at 420 Sixth St. Sen. Fred Risser, ...

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Wis. woman charged for threats to state senators

By JASON SMATHERS Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin woman accused of emailing death threats to GOP state lawmakers during the Capitol debate over the collective bargaining law was charged Thursday with two felonies. Katherine Windels, 26, was charged with two counts of creating a bomb scare, along with two misdemeanor counts of computer-based threats to injure or ...

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Union fights may land in court

By Jack Zemlicka Courtrooms could be the next battlefields if unions lose their collective bargaining rights and struggle to collect dues under existing contracts. “We get questions from membership as to, ‘Why would I continue to pay voluntarily?'” said Lyle Balistreri, president of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council. “How many people pay voluntarily to do anything?” The collective ...

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