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British cyber expert’s attorney says FBI deceived him

Attorneys for a British cybersecurity expert credited with stopping a worldwide computer virus last year told a federal judge Wednesday that the FBI agents who arrested him for allegedly creating malware used deception when interrogating him and those statements should be inadmissible.

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Cybersecurity expert’s case delayed as new details emerge

The case of a British cybersecurity expert once heralded as a hero for stopping the WannaCry computer virus was delayed on Thursday to allow his attorneys more time to prepare arguments on why a judge should suppress statements he made after his arrest over allegations that he wrote software to steal banking passwords.

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What law firms need to know about ransomware, the latest cyber threat

You arrive to work one morning and boot up your computer. Instead of seeing your usual background, an unusual message pops up on your screen. The message tells you that your files have been “locked” and the only way to unlock them is to transfer several hundred dollars’ worth of Bitcoin to the keyholder within a short period, maybe 48 hours.

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