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Going down: Impatience rises over broken elevator (UPDATE)

By Jack Zemlicka A broken-down elevator in Milwaukee County Jail is slowing down attorneys, delaying court cases and irritating inmates. The ground-floor elevator, solely used for professional visits to inmates, broke down about five months ago. Gary Waszak, interim director of the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation and Public Works, said the 15-year-old elevator failed unexpectedly, and the county does ...

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Fractured court leaves law in doubt

Four justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed recently that a defendant’s custodial statements were properly suppressed, because the defendant had already been charged, had retained counsel and the authorities knew he had retained counsel.

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Recusal issue may return after Tuesday’s election

Defense attorneys may renew their campaign to recuse Justice Michael Gableman from criminal cases should attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg defeat Incumbent Justice David Prosser in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election. With Prosser on the court, the six state Supreme Court justices outside Gableman deadlocked on a previous motion regarding whether the court has power to consider motions for Gableman to recuse ...

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Fragmented sentence: Attorneys debate early release laws

A state budget provision that would alter and eliminate early release options for inmates could prompt criminal defense attorneys to take more cases to trial. Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-13 state budget proposal strengthens the truth-in-sentencing laws passed more than a decade ago in Wisconsin by modifying or removing early release for many inmates. Specifically, Walker wants to eliminate time off ...

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