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Counsel of choice

Sep 18, 2012

Criminal Procedure — counsel of choice

2011AP1259-CR State v. Gonzalez-Villareal

Jul 13, 2011

Government can disqualify counsel of choice

The government can deny a defendant his counsel of choice, merely by asserting its intent to call his attorney as a witness.

Jul 11, 2011

09-2592 U.S. v. Turner

Criminal Procedure Counsel of choice

Jun 14, 2011

09-4055 & 10-1626 U.S. v. Gaya

Criminal Procedure Counsel of choice It did not violate the defendant’s right to counsel of choice to deny a request for new counsel and a continuance after the jury had already been selected. “The circumstances would not have justified granting the request even if a jury hadn’t been picked. Gaya’s lawyer, who was court-appointed, had […]

May 24, 2011

09-2516 U.S. v. Sellers

Criminal Procedure Counsel of choice Where the district judge arbitrarily denied a continuance to enable the defendant to retain counsel of his choice, the conviction must be vacated. “The district court also had the duty to consider that Sellers’s new counsel and counsel of choice, Volpe, informed the court that ‘I would be doing a […]


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