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Tag Archives: contempt

2010AP437 Mularski v. Mularski

Family Contempt Michael J. Mularski, pro se, appeals the circuit court’s order deciding contempt motions brought by him and his former wife Melinda Mularski. The circuit court found neither party in contempt, and ordered Michael to pay Melinda $1012.25 to ...

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2010AP2208 McGinnis v. Jimenez

Juveniles Sanctions; contempt Mario Jimenez appeals an order sanctioning him for failing to comply with conditions imposed after he was found to have violated a municipal truancy ordinance. See Wis. Stat. § 938.55(6m)(ag). Jimenez argues the circuit court did not ...

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2009AP729 State, et al. v. Nelson

Family Physical placement; modification; contempt Elizabeth Harder appeals an order regarding physical placement. Harder argues that because the circuit court granted her motion to dismiss Lee Nelson’s motion to modify placement of their minor son, a motion for contempt associated ...

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