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Civil Procedure

Nov 21, 2011

Civil Procedure; Mootness

10-3934 Damasco v. Clearwire Corp.

Sep 15, 2011

Civil Procedure – Voluntary dismissal – motions to reopen

10-2260 Nelson v. Napolitano

Sep 7, 2011

Civil Procedure – Mootness – government contracts

Civil Procedure Mootness; government contracts

Sep 6, 2011

Civil Procedure – Amendment of pleadings

09-4111 Carroll v. Stryker Corp.

Sep 2, 2011

10-3538 & 10-3539 e360 Insight, Inc., v. The Spamhouse Project

Civil Procedure Discovery; sanctions

Aug 30, 2011

2010AP1039 Northern States Power Company v. Continental Insurance Company, et al.

Civil Procedure Judgments; full faith and credit

Aug 26, 2011

10-2755 Kasalo v. Harris & Harris, Ltd.

Civil Procedure Sanctions; dismissal

Aug 25, 2011

10-3134 Micrometl Corp. v. Transact Technologies, Inc.

Civil Procedure Removal; attorney fees

Aug 23, 2011

2010AP1727 Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company v. Pratt, et al.

Civil Procedure Default judgment; excusable neglect

Aug 18, 2011

10-2744 Hicks v. Drei

Civil Procedure Discovery

Aug 18, 2011

10-3847 In the Matter of Aqua Dots Products Liability Litigation

Civil Procedure Class actions

Aug 17, 2011

2010AP1637 Mahoney v. Menard, Inc.

Civil Procedure Service of process; unsigned complaints


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