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Racial justice task force issues recommendations

The Wisconsin Assembly's bipartisan racial disparities task force created in the wake of a white Kenosha police officer shooting a Black man issued 18 recommendations on Wednesday, but stopped short of calling for a total ban on chokeholds and no-knock warrants as Gov. Tony Evers wants.

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Editorial: The cost of justice

Although it appears Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is about to win the biggest legal battle of his career, he should be worried, even embarrassed, about the cost.

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First vote on Justice Prosser complaint was unanimous

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission unanimously decided in January to file an ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice David Prosser but split 3-3 a month later on whether to reconsider the decision, according to records released Wednesday.

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Justice gone wild

I have been on high alert — not to mention haunted by a profound and growing sense of apprehension, anxiety, and outright fear — ever since I learned that a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice was accused this past summer of trying to throttle one of his colleagues who had disagreed with him during a meeting in which matters apparently went south really fast.

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Supreme Court justices agree to play nice 

By DINESH RAMDE Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s Supreme Court justices pledged Wednesday to work together in a collegial fashion, though some only reluctantly agreed to what was arguably the most toothless suggestion put forth by a chief justice hoping to repair the court’s reputation as divided and dysfunctional. Several justices said the pledge wasn’t necessary because they ...

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Reports show animosity between Supreme Court justices

A liberal state Supreme Court justice told detectives a conservative colleague put his hands on her neck but never applied pressure, while he claims he was simply trying to ward her off as she charged him with a clenched fist, according to investigative reports released Friday.

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