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2010AP2064-CR State v. Madden

Criminal Procedure Plea agreements; breach Nathaniel Madden pled guilty to one count of armed robbery and one count of burglary, both as party to a crime and as a habitual criminal. The circuit court imposed a sentence totaling twenty-eight years, comprised of eighteen years of initial confinement and ten years of extended supervision. In a postconviction motion, Madden contended the ...

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2010AP33 Mette v. Ironbar LLC

Contracts Breach; specific performance Kenneth Mette, pro se, appeals from a judgment dismissing his specific performance and breach of contract claims against The Ironbar, L.L.C., and declaring that Mette has no interest in the property located at 1301 Milwaukee Avenue in South Milwaukee (hereafter, “the property”). Mette argues that it was Ironbar, and not Mette, who breached the contract and, ...

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2009AP2295 Appleton Papers Inc. vs. Andritz BMB AG and Andritz Inc.

Contracts Options to purchase; breach; consequential damages Andritz BMB AG and Andritz Inc. (collectively, Andritz) appeal a judgment entered after a jury trial. Andritz primarily disputes whether it granted Appleton Papers Inc. an option to purchase manufacturing equipment and, if so, whether Appleton exercised the option. We reject Andritz’s arguments and answer both questions in the affirmative. We also reject ...

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2010AP1594 Brown v. Wisth

Property Landlord-tenant; breach; claim preclusion Cassie Wisth appeals from a judgment of the circuit court awarding $2411.21 to Brook and Elizabeth Brown for breach of a lease and property damage. Wisth argues that a previous judgment against her former co-tenant barred the court from awarding a judgment against her. The issue in this appeal is whether the doctrine of claim ...

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2009AP2783, 2010AP870 Lenzke v. Brinkmann Pools LLC, et al.

Contracts Breach; warranty; false advertising This case consolidates two appeals brought by Brinkmann Pools, LLC (“Brinkmann”). In the 2009 appeal, Brinkman appeals from the trial court order granting summary judgment dismissing Hastings Mutual Insurance Company (“Hastings”). In the 2010 appeal, Brinkmann appeals the order granting judgment on the jury verdict in favor of Randy and Sheryl Lenzke. We affirm both ...

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