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May 8, 2015

LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Play nice with your banker

The term "relationship" is not necessarily a word that you might automatically associate with your work life. But relationships are very important in the business of law.

May 17, 2011

2010AP2032 Avudria v. McGlone Mortgage Co., Inc.

Consumer Protection Banking A borrower must suffer at least some actual injury or damage to sue under sec. 224.80(2) because a mortgage broker did not use the correct forms prepared by the DFI. “To read the statute as Avudria suggests, as a strict liability statute permitting a private cause of action for a mere technical […]

May 5, 2011

2010AP729 M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank v. Guaranty Financial

Banking Preemption Where a federal directive ordered the exchange of stock, the exchange can’t be challenged as a fraudulent transfer. “We do not agree with M&I that the OTS guidance materials provide a basis for concluding that OTS selected an improperly formatted or procedurally defective vehicle to accomplish its unambiguous objective. OTS gave unambiguous direction, […]

Apr 26, 2011

2010AP1738 All Cities Privacy Class v. Hartford Fire Ins. Co.

Civil Banking Persons who only received solicitations, but no services, from a mortgage broker cannot recover damages from the surety posted by the broker. “We conclude that the members of the Privacy Class are not ‘persons to whom [All Cities] provided services,’ and, therefore, Hartford is not required to pay the judgment rendered against All […]


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