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Van Hollen unhappy with budget language (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said Monday he can't support provisions his fellow Republicans added to the state budget that would delay transmitting arrestees' DNA to the state crime labs and allow bounty hunters to operate in the state.

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Walker vetoes bail bondsmen budget provision

A last-minute veto from Gov. Scott Walker means Wisconsin will not be returning to the days of state-regulated bail bondsmen. Walker vetoed the state budget provision Sunday morning, before signing the budget later that day. The proposal, which would have revived state licensing of bail bondsmen for the first time in almost 32 years, was framed in the budget as ...

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Governor makes 50 vetoes in state budget 

By TODD RICHMOND Associated Press ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (AP) — Republican Gov. Scott Walker left the state budget largely intact, using his powerful veto pen to issue only 50 changes before signing it into law Sunday. The lack of changes — Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle made 81 vetoes in the 2009-11 budget — indicate Republicans who control the Legislature handed the ...

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Judge wary of proposed return to bail bondsmen system

A provision in the Wisconsin state budget awaiting Gov. Scott Walker’s signature would revive a competitive bail bond practice and potentially lead to confusion in the criminal justice system. The proposal, which would revive state licensing of bail bondsmen for the first time in almost 32 years, is framed in the budget as a way to create a competitive new ...

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