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10-1932 Moosa v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; Pakistan Being a single Westernized woman is not a sufficient reason to obtain asylum when facing removal to Pakistan. “The reasons cited by the Board and its conclusions are consistent with our repeated reminder that ‘general conditions of ...

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10-1397 Kiorkis v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; Lebanon It was not error to deny asylum to a Christian facing deportation to Lebanon. “Kiorkis’s argument concerning the evidentiary standards applied by the immigration court is not supported by the record. Kiorkis has failed to identify any ...

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10-1401 Lin v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; removal; credibility determinations An IJ did not err when she made an adverse credibility determination regarding appellant’s claims in an asylum application that the Chinese government had forced his wife’s abortion and sterilization, where there were inconsistencies in ...

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09-3033 Vahora v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; past persecution Witnessing acts of violence against others does not constitute persecution to support a claim for asylum. “We have no intention to minimize a child’s witnessing of a stabbing and other acts of violence committed against members ...

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08-3478 Toure v. Holder

Immigration Asylum Where an asylum claimant’s testimony was rife with inconsistencies, the immigration judge properly denied her claim. “Based on Toure’s testimony at the 2007 hearing alone, the IJ had sufficient grounds to find her testimony incredible. Toure’s testimony was ...

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