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10-2568 Active Disposal, Inc., v. City of Darien

Antitrust State-action doctrine The state-action doctrine applies to municipalities’ contracts for trash collection and disposal that create monopolies. “Waste and its regulation, like sewer services, remain a traditional area of local concern. Consumers Co. v. City of Chicago, 313 Ill. 408, 413-14 (1924). Often municipalities use a single hauler for the collection of trash. Id. at 413. In the context ...

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10-8037 In re: Text Messaging Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust Sufficiency of the complaint Where an antitrust complaint alleges that four competitors with 90 percent of the market raised prices, despite falling costs, the complaint states a claim for relief. “The complaint also alleges that in the face of steeply falling costs, the defendants increased their prices. This is anomalous behavior because falling costs increase a seller’s profit margin ...

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