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Property — adverse possession — permissive use — attorney fees

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Civil Property — adverse possession — permissive use — attorney fees This adverse possession claim concerns a boundary dispute between Mark and Theresa Frisch and James and Pamela Schultz. Frisch appeals the trial court’s judgment that Schultz’s predecessors in interest established title to the disputed land by adverse possession. Frisch argues that any use of the ...

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2010AP1344 Pahl v. American Transmission Company, et al.

Property Condemnation; easements; adverse possession Gary and Judith Pahl appeal a summary judgment dismissing their claims against American Transmission Company and ATC Management, Inc. (collectively, ATC). They contend that: (1) a 1964 easement granted to the utility is void as unconscionable and against public policy; (2) ATC abandoned the easement or the easement was extinguished through adverse possession; (3) ATC ...

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2009AP1335 David J. French Revocable Trust of 1991, et al. v. Jacob

Property Prescriptive easements; adverse possession David J. French Revocable Trust of 1991, Jeanna N. French, and Paula Van Akkeren (the Frenches) have appealed from an order denying their motion for reconsideration of an order granting summary judgment to the respondents, William Jacob, Jr., and Virginia Jacob (the Jacobs). We conclude that summary judgment was properly granted to the Jacobs and ...

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2009AP3046 Cogan v. Cogan

Property Adverse possession Gladys Cogan appeals from a judgment that awarded legal title to a disputed parcel of property to Joseph Cogan Jr. and Mary Cogan. Gladys claims that she is entitled to the land either by twenty years of adverse possession under Wis. Stat. § 893.25 (2007-08)[1] or by ten years of adverse possession with record title under Wis. ...

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