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Tag Archives: 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. Supreme Court tackles California gay marriage case

During heated arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court over California’s voter-approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, the justices verbally tussled with attorneys arguing over the law’s constitutionality — but also hinted that the case could have a surprise ending.

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Court limits border searches of electronic devices

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Border Patrol agents must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity before conducting comprehensive searches of laptops or other digital devices in what civil liberties activists are calling a significant victory for privacy rights.

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Driving a Desaccord

Who knew that appellate law would be one of the fastest-developing areas of practice across the country this fall?

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GOP candidates would cut federal judges’ power

By MARK SHERMAN Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) - Most of the Republican presidential candidates want to wipe away lifetime tenure for federal judges, cut the budgets of courts that displease them or allow Congress to override Supreme Court rulings on constitutional issues. Any one of those proposals would significantly undercut the independence and authority of federal judges. ... Subscribe Login ...

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High court to rule on lying about military medals

By MARK SHERMAN Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will decide if telling a lie about yourself is a crime — if the lie claims military medals you didn't earn. The court said Monday it will rule on the constitutionality of a law that makes it a federal crime for people to claim falsely, either in ... Subscribe ...

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