Term limits could take an interesting path

Patrick Fiedler

It will be interesting to see how likely a soon-to-be-proposed bill regarding state Supreme Court term limits fares as it makes its way through the Legislature.

The measure passed with overwhelming support during the State Bar’s Board of Governors meeting Saturday. Only four of the 41 governors voted against the measure.

One of the four who voted against it is the bar’s current president, Patrick Fiedler.

But when I asked him why he voted against it, he refused multiple times to say why.

“That’s irrelevant right now,” Fiedler said. “The fact of the matter is the board has made a decision. The reasons are not relevant.”

At least a few concerns came up during the BOG’s meeting, held in Trego (very beautiful, but incredibly far from Milwaukee). Some discussed not giving the newly elected governors enough time to go over the issue. Others brought up the judiciary’s ability to bargain for a larger budget if the Legislature knows a justice is automatically term-limited.

But ultimately, as Executive Director George Brown and Chairman Sherry Coley told new governors and reminded old ones – the position a BOG decides is the one the bar as a whole will support.

And as I said, I am interested to see how this proposal moves.

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