The ‘kiss of death’

I think I may have found the oddest entry ever put into a court record. And it’s in Milwaukee County.

It’s a lofty statement, I know, but this isn’t related to a filing, verdict or appearance. No, this involves something you only hear about in movies about the mafia.

According to the court reporter’s entry:

“Off the record. Defendant was being moved to the back bullpen and he blew a kiss at a Spanish Male in gallery sitting with the victim’s wife during the proceedings. This was interpreted this to mean a ‘kiss of death.’ Deputy Court Clerk kmh.”

The defendant is Francisco Rivera, 31, who was found guilty Thursday of first-degree intentional homicide for gunning down Omar Vera-Marti in 2009.

Now, I was in Judge David Borowski’s courtroom when this happened, but I wasn’t – and still am not – 100 percent sure what happened. I know it got real tense as Rivera was escorted out, but that’s not unusual, especially since he will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

But a “kiss of death”? That’s a new one for me.

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