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The Dark Side

THE DARK SIDE: A First Amendment showdown at UW-Stout

This week, Wisconsin is ground zero in the battle between university bureaucrats and free speech champions. No, I'm not talking about the University of Wisconsin's attempts to stifle criticism of its admission policies. That's been going on for years, and will continue for many more.

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THE DARK SIDE: Don’t trust your soul to no union lawyer

When I was a child, a song by Vickie Lawrence reached number one on the charts, about an innocent man hung for murder, entitled “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” The song warned, “Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer.”

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THE DARK SIDE: Lawyers need to be more like carnies

Hanging out with some of the carnies who came to town this year, I was astonished at how, in a mere 10 years, the carnival industry had become so professional. And they did it without even spending mandatory carnie dues on a public image campaign.

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THE DARK SIDE: What makes an environmental defense lawyer?

I was having a nice conversation with another attorney the other day when we began talking about environmental law. We were both in agreement that the work environmental defense lawyers do is very important. But in the middle of the conversation, we discovered that we have vastly different definitions of what makes an environmental defense lawyer.

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THE DARK SIDE: I send personal emails on my work computer

I’d like to propose an experiment. We all have friends who are judges, prosecutors, public defenders, city attorneys or lawyers with state agencies. I suggest that you send to one of your friends an email at their work account that is totally unrelated to work. Maybe something along the lines of: “That David Ziemer is such a jackass; I hate ...

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