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Unions – Fair Share Fees

For 41 years, explicit Supreme Court precedent authorized state‐government entities and unions to enter into agreements under which the unions could receive fair‐share fees from nonmembers to cover the costs incurred when the union negotiated or acted on their behalf over terms of employment.

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Stacey Mooney is a public-school teacher in Eureka (Illinois) Community School District #140. She is not a member of respondent Illinois Education Association (“IEA”), the union that serves as the exclusive representative of her employee unit in collective bargaining with the school district.

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Joan Bernaden – Quarles & Brady

Joan Bernaden - Quarles & Brady

Joan Bernaden, a legal secretary and work coordinator at Quarles & Brady’s Milwaukee office, is the person whom everyone loves. Her colleagues describe her as a diligent and loyal employee, a trusted confidant and friend, and a sassy personality whom clients love to be around.

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Jacob Gardner – Stafford Rosenbaum

Jacob Gardner - Stafford Rosenbaum

It’s clear that Jacob Gardner cares deeply about his job and the people he works alongside. Ask him a few questions about how he ended up at Stafford Rosenbaum, and he’ll give you more than enough background. But it’s not ...

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