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Practice management

Dangers lurk around ghost blogging

Blogging can be a cost-effective means of marketing, but when the writing is done by someone other than a lawyer, firms put themselves at risk of potential ethics violations.

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What it takes to make partner

With the economy still recovering and a challenging job market for new law graduates, some have likened making partner at a medium or large law firm to winning the lottery.

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Firms send employees back to school

Lawyering always has meant lifelong learning: keeping up with case law, regulations and statutes, as well as new developments in legal technology and continuing legal education.

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Hold out for quality clients

If you, like many of your colleagues, have stocked your practice with clients that aren’t a good fit, you’ll spend much of your career feeling frustrated, unappreciated and resentful.

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To email or not to email

Advances in technology have brought new modalities of communication — and a dizzying array of choices for interaction. But in the age of email, social media and texts, which options are best to use when consulting with clients over their cases?

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