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Practice management

Apr 7, 2015

Reconnecting value to costs for services

William and Charles Mayo radically changed the business of medicine when they introduced doctors to the idea of forming groups to share their skills.

Apr 6, 2015

Change your thinking about technology before it’s too late

It was the Fourth of July, and Gregg Auby was in front of a computer, painstakingly trying to retrieve whatever data he could.

Mar 6, 2015

Plan to succeed when opening your own firm

So you’re thinking about opening your own firm. Maybe you’ve even made the decision to do it. Now what?

Mar 5, 2015

To win clients, you must play the networking game

Establishing a strong network is a key component to developing business, as it sets the stage for more client work and referrals.

Mar 4, 2015

How to use dispute resolution techniques

For years, attorneys have embraced the professional possibilities of dispute resolution.

Feb 18, 2015

What law firms need to know about ransomware, the latest cyber threat

You arrive to work one morning and boot up your computer. Instead of seeing your usual background, an unusual message pops up on your screen. The message tells you that your files have been “locked” and the only way to unlock them is to transfer several hundred dollars’ worth of Bitcoin to the keyholder within a short period, maybe 48 hours.

Feb 3, 2015

How to use technology to get ahead

We’ve all heard that technology can help us work smarter, not harder.

Feb 3, 2015

( Not ) the whole truth: What to do when your client wants to lie

Perjury is the classic, and extreme, problem in ethical witness preparation.

Jan 9, 2015

The code of silence

Question. Pause. Answer. Stop. That’s the unnatural rhythm of the witness environment. And there are rules for witnesses during the first three steps.

Jan 6, 2015

Preparing for the worst: Don’t wait until disaster strikes to have an action plan

For days after a fire destroyed Jen Hanna’s law office, she returned to the charred pit, hoping to meet the clients she could no longer contact.

Dec 4, 2014

Lawyers, start your questions

Depositions are such a common part of the civil litigation landscape that much of how they are conducted has become routine.

Dec 4, 2014

Law degrees open multiple doors

Not every law degree leads to a legal practice.


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