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2009AP1901-CR State v. Jensen

Sentencing Possessing child pornography Michael Jensen appeals a judgment, entered upon his guilty pleas, convicting him of twenty-seven counts of possessing child pornography contrary to Wis. Stat. § 948.12(1m) (2005-06). Jensen argues the trial court erroneously exercised its sentencing discretion ...

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2009AP1351-CR State v. Kandutsch

Evidence Electronic monitoring devices Gregg Kandutsch appeals a judgment of conviction for operating while under the influence of an intoxicant, fifth and subsequent offense. He claims the circuit court erroneously admitted daily summary reports from his electronic monitoring device at ...

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2005AP1978-D OLR v. George

Professional Responsibility Even though Gary R. George has not acknowledged wrongdoing that led to his criminal convictions, reinstatement of his law license is appropriate. “There is nothing in the supreme court rules that requires Attorney George to acknowledge the wrongfulness ...

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08-4015 U.S. v. Glosser

Sentencing Procedural errors Where the district court announced that it would impose the mandatory minimum sentence during the change of plea hearing, before it knew the advisory guidelines range or had heard either party’s argument regarding the sentence, the sentence ...

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2010AP829-AC School District of Stockbridge

Schools Open enrollment A resident school district may not limit the number of student transfers to nonresident school districts under sec. 118.51(6). “The School District contends that because there is no language expressly removing the cap after the 2005-06 school ...

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09-37695 In re: Reimann

Bankruptcy Automatic stay A prisoner’s filing for bankruptcy does not stay the prison from recovering restitution from him for costs associated with his violation of prison rules. “I am satisfied the assessment made against the debtor in this case is ...

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