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2010AP599-CR State v. Smiter

Search and Seizure Search incident to arrest Where police officers had reason to believe evidence relevant to the crime of arrest might be found in the vehicle after arresting the driver, the search of the vehicle is lawful, even though ...

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09-3260 U.S. v. Dortch

Sentencing Multiple enhancements; ‘serious bodily injury’; harmless error Where defendant robbed a bank and then led police on a high-speed chase that included carjacking a vehicle and ended only after three officers were injured in pursuit, a 240-month sentence based ...

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10-1401 Lin v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; removal; credibility determinations An IJ did not err when she made an adverse credibility determination regarding appellant’s claims in an asylum application that the Chinese government had forced his wife’s abortion and sterilization, where there were inconsistencies in ...

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10-1331 U.S. v. Hanna

Failure to Pay Child Support Willfulness; inability to pay Gifts to the defendant may be considered in determining whether he willfully refused to pay child support. “[F]or purposes of assessing the defendant’s ability to pay in a prosecution under Section ...

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