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2009AP3107-CR State v. Meenen

Evidence Other acts Jonathan Meenen appeals a judgment of conviction for first-degree sexual assault of a child. Meenen argues the circuit court erroneously admitted other acts evidence. We disagree and affirm. Not recommended for publication in the official reports. 2009AP3107-CR ...

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09-3596 Ellis v. DHL Express, Inc.

Employment WARN Act In calculating the number of employees terminated when a business closes under the WARN Act, employees who voluntarily accepted severance packages are not included. “While we recognize the unenviable positions in which DHL’s Chicagoland workers found themselves, ...

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2009AP2801 Roehl v. Gisselman

Torts Legal malpractice Bert Roehl appeals an order dismissing his legal malpractice claim against Sharon Gisselman. Roehl’s complaint alleged that Gisselman negligently represented him in a fifth-offense OWI case by failing to collaterally attack one of his previous OWI convictions. ...

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