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Law and Disorder

Sep 24, 2015

Sheriff apologizes to lawyers asked to remove bras at jail

A sheriff apologized Thursday to a pair of female lawyers who were told they needed to take off their underwire bras at jail to avoid setting off the metal detector if they wanted to talk to their incarcerated clients.

Sep 2, 2015

Mequon lawyer arrested for assaulting golf course beer cart attendant

A Mequon lawyer is free on $10,000 bail after his arrest on potential charges of sexually assaulting a beer cart attendant during a golf outing:

Jul 30, 2015

‘Blow out your candles … carefully’

When her son turned 2 years old earlier this year, L’erin Dobra had the typical quandary — choosing a birthday party theme. Pirate? Firefighter? Superhero? Harry Potter? ... Personal injury lawyer?

Jul 15, 2015

Costa Rica lawyer caught smuggling cocaine in his you know where

A criminal defense attorney has been arrested and charged under suspicion of smuggling cocaine into a Costa Rica prison in his anal cavity:

Jul 13, 2015

When judges behave badly

From high atop their perch on the bench, judges seem like masters of their domain, making decisions and occasionally creating laws that have a real-world impact on the peons in front of them. So there is some natural schadenfreude when judges find themselves at the mercy of a court, especially when they are accused of abusing their judicial authority: 

Jul 1, 2015

Woman’s parking citation tossed because of missing comma

An appeals court has agreed with an Ohio woman who said her parking citation should be tossed because the village law was missing a comma.

Jun 23, 2015

Police arrive to home invasion to find suspect hog-tied

Kenosha police who responded to a burglary call got a little surprise: They arrived to find the suspect hog-tied with a hose:

Jun 17, 2015

Beaver Dam bars kangaroos

Officials have changed a southeastern Wisconsin city's rules on service animals after a woman took a baby kangaroo into a McDonald's restaurant:

Jun 9, 2015

Quit staring

A man in Shanghai has filed a lawsuit against famous actress Zhao Wei for staring at him through the TV screen:

Jun 3, 2015

Court orders top biglaw firm to pay $1.3M in fees

A British court has assessed over $1 million in fees to Gibson Dunn, along with their client the Republic of Djibouti, reports the American Lawyer. The court also found that partner Peter Gray, formerly of the former Dewey & LeBoeuf, provided false information:[...]

Apr 27, 2015

Flushable wipes prompt lawsuit

“Flushable” wet wipes are gumming up sewer and wastewater systems, necessitating costly maintenance and repairs, the city of Wyoming, Minn., is alleging in a lawsuit filed against a half dozen companies in federal district court:

Apr 18, 2015

Judge won’t discuss Slender Man case with BBC producer

A Waukesha County Circuit Court judge won't be discussing the case of two girls accused of stabbing a classmate to please a fictional character with a BBC producer and UK's Channel 4 anytime soon.


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