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Government Attic

If you aren't familiar with Government Attic, it is a newly re-designed website that "provides electronic copies of hundreds of interesting Federal Government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act."

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Benefits of good health outweigh costs

Attorney Tony O'Malley didn't quite know what to think his wife, Sandie, gave him a gift certificate for massage therapy, meditation and yoga classes a couple of years ago. He put it away after the holidays and nearly forgot about it - he was way too busy practicing law to actually think about his own mental and physical health, after all.

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Racial preference a challenging issue

One of the basic tenets of employment law - or at least one of the points most often raised by counsel when defending against charges of discrimination - is that employers are given great latitude when making business decisions.

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Vegan meals just aren’t kosher

I recently read about an Orthodox Jew in prison in Indiana who successfully sued the Indiana Department of Corrections for violating his First Amendment by giving him vegan meals instead of kosher meals.

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Why the double standard on voter fraud?

As I drove past a billboard recently, there was a press conference going on. A bunch of special interest groups were protesting that the billboard was part of a vast conspiracy to keep law-abiding citizens from driving cars.

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