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Where is all the promised promiscuity?

The Wisconsin director for some organization called the National Federation of Independent Business recently said that Wisconsin has one of the most "promiscuous" tort systems in the country. Inasmuch as I've always been a really big fan of promiscuous behavior, I figured I should check this out.

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Book of Odds

I had to start out the year with a website that can be insightful and entertaining. The Book of Odds is a website that presents the probability things.

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Spousal maintenance an ongoing concern

There's an old joke about a husband not wanting to pay his wife any maintenance. The judge, after hearing the evidence, finds she is entitled to support and says, "I'm going to give her $1,000 per month." The husband responds, "Damn nice of you, judge. I'll kick in a couple hundred bucks of my own."

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Discourage clients from no-merit option

Last month I discussed when appointed counsel should give the required no-merit advice. But what should attorneys do when clients ask the inevitable question: “What do you think I should do?” On the whole, attorneys should discourage clients from choosing the no-merit report option. Six months ago, Justice Prosser authored the decision in State v. Allen, 2010 WI 89. That ...

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Just a bit of direction

Did you know that both the University of Wisconsin’s law library and Marquette’s law library offer great legal research guides? While they are obviously written with their students in mind, these guides can be of great assistance when starting research in a new or unfamiliar area of law. Both websites offer tips and resources for a variety of areas. For ...

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