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BEV BUTULA: American Geographical Society Library

Did you know that UW Milwaukee is home to the American Geographical Society Library? I had the pleasure of hearing one of their librarians speak yesterday. The talk was a fascinating exploration of the library’s physical and online collection of maps, atlases, journals, and photographs.

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BLAWG LOG: O’Hear on a tale of three states

It may be as accurate to say that Wisconsin’s lower imprisonment rate leads to its lower crime rate, as it is to say that Wisconsin’s lower crime rate leads to its lower imprisonment rate. There is probably a certain amount of truth to both propositions.

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BEV BUTULA: Link in with LinkOut

Many of us maintain a LinkedIn account for business networking. Some of us utilize this tool to post articles of professional interest; others include speaking engagements or conduct polls on relevant topics.

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Tips for an effective, ethical negotiation

The role of business counsel is complex. Counsel is not only responsible for producing a legal and enforceable negotiated agreement, but also to try and get the best deal for clients while conducting the negotiation in a way that reflects positively on them.

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