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CAPITOLISMS BLOG: A foolish consistency

Although Gov. Scott Walker’s 57 vetoes to the state’s new budget contained few surprises, the reasons given for his use of his powerful pen might have left some observers scratching their heads.

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Future-proof your firm

The future of private practice has been the subject of much speculation for the last several years. While some partners behave as if things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we are headed to a “new normal” in our future.

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It’s not business, it’s personal

Companies large and small, in every industry, are recognizing the importance of telling their stories. For more and more consumers, business is no longer “just business” -- it’s personal.

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Hold out for quality clients

If you, like many of your colleagues, have stocked your practice with clients that aren’t a good fit, you’ll spend much of your career feeling frustrated, unappreciated and resentful.

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