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A year at the top

Serving as president of the State Bar of Wisconsin is like riding a Ferris wheel that goes around only once.

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BEV BUTULA: Take a trip through FDsys

Many of us seek out the Government Printing Office’s Federal Digital System to access the U.S. Code, Federal Register, and presidential documents. We go onto the website, grab the information we need, and move on.

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Commentary: Quote unquote

“Lawyer walks into a bar….” You know the rest. You’re at a party and you’ve just mentioned that you practice law. Invariably, inevitably and unenviably, someone uncorks a lawyer joke.

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State needs openness advocates

Careful readers may have noticed that while many papers carry this column on their opinion pages, it is not an especially opinionated column.

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Rep. Kooyenga wants to pay up

Rep. Dale Kooyenga said he is going to get the money owed to Robert Stinson one way or another, even if it means putting it in next year’s budget.

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