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Packers, God, job


Attorney Curtis Creveling is a lifelong resident of Allentown, Pa. But ever since he was young kid, when his dad bought him a Green Bay Packers uniform for Christmas, he’s been a die-hard cheesehead. So when he was notified last month that he had won a ticket to a Packers playoff game scheduled the same day his client was due in court for a hearing, it wasn’t a close call. The Packers took priority: on.wsj.com/1Z8A0yf

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How the Grinch lost the LSAT exams

Law and Disorder

Earlier this month, thousands of would-be law students sat down at testing locations across the country to take an exam that would play an incredibly significant role in the caliber of law school they’d be able to get into, and thus later impact the quality of job they’d be able to land after graduation. Of course, we’re speaking about the LSAT, a test that is administered three times each year, but this time around, some of those who decided to take the December exam were in for a nasty surprise: http://bit.ly/1Tjwq2B

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