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Lawyer is ordered to tell future clients he is a crook, cheat, thief and liar

Law and Disorder

A Wisconsin judge who sentenced a lawyer to five days in jail on Thursday thought it appropriate to continue the punishment with a condition he deemed a “moving jail.” Judge Philip Kirk of Waupaca County told Appleton lawyer Michael Petersen that during his 12 months of probation he will have to inform every client that he is a crook, cheat, thief and liar: http://post.cr/1lK7Ixs

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Closing Arguments: Should two justices have recused themselves in John Doe case?

Brendan Fischer is general counsel for the Center for Media and Democracy, a group that often takes up liberal causes.

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme Court handed down a 4-2 decision that brought to a halt a John Doe investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign, during the 2012 recall election, worked illegally with outside groups. Two of the justices who ruled with the majority — David Prosser and Michael Gableman — had previously been asked to recuse themselves.

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Freshman year 2.0: Year 1 in the real world

Ms. Bradley is pictured with her mother, Christine Bremer Muggli of Wausau, also an attorney, on graduation day one year ago.

The nightmare is finally over. You know the one: It's the first day of law-school exams, and you realize that not only have you have slept through your alarm, you have also forgotten to attend class — throughout the entire semester. You wake up as you burst into the exam room, where your classmates have just finished typing their final answers. You have failed. You'll never be an attorney.

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