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Bev Butula

BEV BUTULA: There’s cause for the Clause

The American Arbitration Association launched an online ClauseBuilder® Tool in beta. It is “designed to assist individuals and organizations develop clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements.”

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BEV BUTULA: Want an expert? Try the UW System

Looking for an expert on climate change, education, public policy, religion, art, transportation, psychology or nanotechnology? There are many options available, but did you know that many Wisconsin universities have expert databases.

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BEV BUTULA: Our vote is to inform yourself

The National Archives maintains a website on the U.S. Electoral College. The page is divided into several topics, including FAQs, “What is an Electoral College,” resources for state officials, and a general resource page.

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BEV BUTULA: Citizen Media Law Project helps lawyers survive in digital world

The Citizen Media Law Project is hosted by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The focus of the Citizen Media Law Project website is to “ensure that individuals and organizations involved in online journalism and digital media have access to the legal resources, education, tools, and representation that they need to thrive.”

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BEV BUTULA: A map to state rules on e-discovery

The folks over at Kroll Ontrack have created a map identifying the states with rules and statutes specific to electronically stored information in litigation. The interactive map is color coded to identify if a state has adopted the FRCP model, an independent model, are considering adopting e-discovery rules, or currently have no e-discovery rules.

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