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CHIPS – Due Process Violation

If a circuit court determines a child is in need of protection or services (CHIPS) due to a parent's neglect, refusal, or inability (for reasons other than poverty) to provide necessary care to the extent that the physical health of the child is seriously endangered, the circuit court may order the child removed from the parental home.

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Attorney Disciplinary Proceeding

We review the report of the referee, Reserve Judge William M. Gabler, Sr., recommending that this court revoke Attorney Christopher S. Petros' license to practice law in Wisconsin, require him to pay $5,000 in restitution to the father of a former client, and require him to pay the full costs of this disciplinary proceeding, which total $3,910.22 as of February 3, 2021.

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Plea Withdrawal – CHIPS

In this consolidated appeal, “Eileen” appeals from: (1) WIS. STAT. ch. 48 dispositional orders finding her children “Erika,” “April,” and “Mark” in need of protection or services (CHIPS); and (2) an order denying her post-disposition motion to withdraw her no-contest pleas in the CHIPS actions. Eileen seeks review of the latter order on the grounds that the CHIPS petition does not reflect a sufficient factual basis for her pleas.

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Postconviction Relief – Newly Discovered Evidence

Lamont Donnell Sholar appeals from two orders denying his motions for postconviction relief and his judgment of conviction for one count of armed robbery by use of force as a party to a crime, contrary to WIS. STAT. §§ 943.32(1)(a) and (2), 939.50(3)(c), 939.05 (2019-20), and one count of burglary “while unarmed, but armed himself with a dangerous weapon while in the burglarized enclosure,” contrary to WIS. STAT. §§ 943.10(2)(b), 939.50(3)(e), 939.05.

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Property Assessment

The petitioner, Ronald Collison, seeks review of an unpublished per curiam decision of the court of appeals affirming the City of Milwaukee Board of Review's (Board) determination that his property was properly assessed at a value of $31,800.

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