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JOB CITES: The EEOC and you

For employers who have had the good fortune not to face an employment discrimination claim — a development that can seem like a matter of when rather than if depending on how long you’ve been in business and how many employees you have — the dealings with a government agency such as the EEOC can be a daunting proposition.

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JOB CITES: Important lessons about school visitation leave

With the passing of Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. Given the dismal state of baseball this year for the Cubs (hey, they’re rebuilding), I’m more than ready to welcome fall and, along with it, all the cool-weather activities we have developed to cope with the fact we choose to live in a state where winter seems to last eight months: cooking chili, drinking scotch and watching the Chicago Bears inevitably disappoint (the latter two items perhaps not so unrelated).

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JOB CITES: Avoid the hangover from office parties

Summer has finally arrived in Wisconsin, ending both the tyranny of rainy, 60-degree days and my ability to joke that budgetary woes aren’t the only thing Wisconsin shares with Iceland. And along with the arrival of summer comes what is for many employers an annual tradition: the company picnic.

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